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    About Us – Delux Radio

    Welcome to Delux Radio – the station that resonates with the heart of classic broadcasting!


    Our Genesis

    Delux is the culmination of David Wimble’s extensive 30-year journey through the realms of radio and broadcasting. The seed of Delux was planted with the vision to collaborate with the iconic Tony Prince, a former DJ and Programme Controller at 208 Radio Luxembourg. The goal was ambitious: to create a super station peppered with the voices that echo through the years of our audience’s lives.


    A Fork in the Road

    Yet, as with many great tales, a divergence of ideas led to a split before our beginning. The consequence was a bifurcation of paths: Tony Prince ventured to establish United DJs, and David Wimble, fuelled by his unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit, decided to single-handedly spearhead Delux Radio. Competition is a good thing, but United DJ closed after just 3 years.


    Our Unique Strength

    While United DJs grappled with the issues of advertising and sponsorship, Delux thrived, bolstered by the sturdy foundation of David’s business acumen, particularly with Radiowaves onboard Media – now a proud member of the Feel Great Radio Ltd Group.


    Our Pillars

    David, in an earnest interview with Broadcast Media, expressed his initial consternation but also his resolve to persevere, a trait that has been the cornerstone of Delux’s ethos. Integral to our journey have been our stalwarts – Mike Thompsett, our Technical Manager, and Steven French, our Web Maestro for nearly a decade.


    Our Gratitude

    But, the most profound gratitude is reserved for you – the listener. Without your ears and hearts, our station would merely be nothing.


    Our Journey

    From the nostalgic corners of Slough to the rustic charm of a watermill near Ashford, Delux eventually found its home in the vibrant corridors of Maidstone TV studios alongside Radiowaves.


    Our Evolution

    In 2023, we embraced our new £2.6 million abode, sharing the space with Feel Great Radio, Garden Coast Radio (GCR), and others. With 2024, we are electrified to welcome legendary names to our roster.


    Our Philosophy

    We’ve never claimed to be the largest or the loftiest; instead, we cherish the intimate connection between the broadcaster and you, the listener. In an era where giants like Global and Bauer Media orchestrate tunes for commerce, we let the personality of our DJs shine – free from the corporate cacophony.


    Our Audience

    The disenchantment with the BBC’s celebrity-over-quality approach has been our unexpected ally, steering discerning listeners across the UK to our doors. At Delux, you’ll find the classic style of radio you’ve yearned for – a style that’s uniquely yours.


    Join Us

    Log on to our station and continue this beautiful journey of sound and memories together. Welcome to Delux Radio – where broadcasting is personal again.