Alice Randall

Presenters Bio

Alice Randall has been interested in radio since the age of six when she use to hear presenters on commercial radio in the car. When Alice was one she was diagnosed with the condition of cerebral palsy, which affects all four limbs of the body, even though she didn’t know what it was she was fascinated by the way presenters would talk engage, and be entertaining with the audience. Alice went to college when she was 18 and studied three diplomas in media studied a degree in the Film, Radio and Television Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, whilst Alice was studying a friend she knew you had set up their own radio station and invited Alice to go on it. Alice then went on to do many different radio stations she broadcast a diverse range of shows 70s and 80s, to 21st century music and even interview shows. . Alice has always been known for having a very good presenter voice and engaging with the audience and enjoys entertaining listeners and making them feel involved in the show. Alice has been lucky enough to interview famous 60s groups such as The Foundations and has other famous people lined up for her portfolio. Recently Alice started a show on West Kent radio playing a mixture of songs and interviewing people. Alice’s passion has always been radio and she always tries to get involved with as much radio stuff as possible. Now Alice is going to be presenting a show on Delux Radio, which she is really looking forward to doing and expanding her radio career!