Becca Webb

Presenters Bio

Founder of the currently unreleased ‘Don’t be a stranger’ podcast. This is a positive and motivational podcast where I travel across the UK and interview strangers on some of life’s most important topics such as 'The Secret to Happiness.' Another goal is to create a helpful impact on society and encourage others to break boundaries through videos on my social media platforms. Speaking to random members of the public has confirmed my passion for interviewing however presenting was always the next step for me as I absolutely adore the idea of spreading positivity through music. I am now presenting the new releases 2-4 show at Delux Radio where I mix new and old to brighten up your afternoon. My music taste is very varied from R&B to Disco to Indie to Pop - no genre can be ruled out on a show of mine. _______________________ Connect with Becca Webb LinkedIn- Podcast - Email-