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    Presenters Bio

    Robin Phillips has been a professional jazz singer and pianist for over 15 years in the UK. He is the bandleader and arranger of London-based Pinstripe Suit swing band and owns a recording studio where he works as a producer, teacher, and mentor.

    He is also a jazz historian and presenter, producing and presenting his first screen documentary ‘Back To The Source’ in 2020 which goes on worldwide public release later in 2021.
    His themed jazz performance shows include the ‘Lost Verses Of The Jazz Standards’, and shows dedicated to the music of Chet Baker, Harry Connick jr, and Nat King Cole. He has released five albums including a ‘Sing. Play.’, a vocalese album dedicated to the one of the artform’s originators King Pleasure, and his latest release ‘Re-Versed’, which looks at the lost verses (introductions) of the jazz standards, reconnecting them to a collection of classic jazz songs.
    He made his radio presenting debut on Delux Radio, however has plenty of experience behind the mic on the air through years of extended interviews and presenting his live performance shows, which often add in-depth information about the music behind the programme, delighting and entertaining audiences, whilst informing them at the same time.

    Show Description

    'The Jazz Show With Robin Phillips' - A passionate and informative celebration of jazz across the ages.
    ‘The Jazz Show with Robin Phillips’ is our new flagship jazz show and sponsored by Gonville Hotel, Cambridge.
    In these shows Robin will share his love of this complex and varied genre, taking his audience on a voyage of discovery whilst keeping them warmed by familiar jazz classics. See the bottom of this page for listening back to previous shows on demand and for full interviews in podcast format.
    His shows feature a fantastic collection of ‘backstage with…’ interviews with jazz musicians from the London scene and around the world, all sharing their own histories, music, recommendations, and musical passions. Robin gives us an insight into his own favourite classic jazz albums with his ‘my vinyl collection’ sections, dropping the needle on his own personal collection of jazz records, reading from the liner notes, and picking out his favourite tracks.
    He also shares his recommendations of books and films on jazz, helping his audience dive deeper if they desire. Shows will feature music from classic artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, and Nat King Cole, to the contemporary musicians leading the genre today. Robin also welcomes emails with questions and suggestions, including requests and dedications.
    Feel free to get in touch with Robin by clicking here. If you do contact Robin, please take the chance to shape future shows by answering some or all of the following questions when you contact us.
    – What is your all time favourite jazz album/artist?
    – Who was the first artist that turned you on to jazz?
    – Which jazz artist would you like to hear more of, learn more about?
    – What’s the best jazz gig you’ve ever been to?
    – What’s your favourite jazz club (anywhere in the world)?